Technical consulting

Technical design

Pattern making helps to turn your design into a real product. We use a special CAD program for pattern and layout making. We can start the pattern development from only sketches or an already existing garment, offering professional technical solutions on pattern development and sewing technology. We can provide a fitting with a model for your garments and make all adjustments needed. We can work with styles for men, women and children and with all kinds of fabrics (wool, silk, leather etc.).

Recommendable garment development process:

  • › first sample (or more samples for a complicated style)
  • › a fitting of the first sample with a model
  • › sales samples (advisably in two different sizes)
  • › test fitting of the sales samples with a model
  • › preparation for final production (final corrections for pattern making and adding grading)
  • › marker making
  • › final production

Development of specification sheets (tech pack)

Tech Pack (also called technical specification packet or specification sheets) is a number of documents, a blue print for evaluating and manufacturing your garment. These documents include details and information about the fabric, label, trims, stitching, grading, packaging and measurement chart for product.