Pattern development from design

Pattern making

Pattern making is the fundament of garment development. We can make patterns for designers and manufacturers from sketch, an existing product or also correct your original pattern. You can choose between draping or flat pattern making. We can work with a company that is already established or a designer who wants to work out a line.


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We can digitize any existing pattern with our CAD program which gives you a precise copy of your original pattern. The patterns can be printed, digitally saved and sent by e-mail.


We do grading for your patterns with your grade rules. If you don’t have your own grade rules, we can help you establish them according to the sizes you need.

Marker making

We can do marker making to your already constructed and graded patterns depending on the amount of order. Before the final marker making we can find out by the first sample the initial costs for the fabric to estimate fabric consumption and the net value of the products.


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